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Corp. Re-Open Notice
JanTeng Time:  2020-1-31   View: 636

In view of the current emergent 2019-nCoV new epidemic coronovirus situation, our manufactuing sites will be re-opened from Feb 15th, 2020.

95%of the workshop employees have safely returned and are on standby in theirhome. For further health security, every employee will get health check beforethey resume to their job positions. No symptoms of infection were found amongthe employees according to latest phone conversation and online survey.


The company has been ready for employee protection, and wehave contacted all material or parts suppliers and logistics companies toensure that the supplying chain is well-run.


As a pharmaceutical supplying company, Janteng has also been working with everyone to help front-line medical personals to raise all necessary relief supplies.


Janteng is sure that our start-up has delayed by less than15 working days. From now on, all unfinished orders and pending orders will beput into new production agenda routinely. We will serve you well on theprinciple of customer first, keep on following our management "3Q"slogan---- QUICK RESPONSE, QUICK ACTIONAND QUICK DEALS



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