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  • disinfectant maker manufacturer


JINOSIdisinfectant maker(Sodiumhypochlorite generator)can generate 1200mg/L concentration disinfectant.It can kill colibacillus, Staphylococcus aureus and albicans saccharomyces.It Isgood at killing poliovirus (including Polio prevention, bird flu, cypridopathy,Hepatitis B,  cholera and typhus). And it willnever create chlorinated compound which might lead to cancer, malformation or mutation.It’s a commonly approved safest , environmental healthy replacement among all disinfectants.

Application Range:  Fruits, vegetable,tableware, family, office, restaurant, dinning hall, hotel, hospital, school, beautyparlor, PET shop, SPA, toy, decolor and chemicking.

Operation Methods: Soak, scrub, spray.  Effective sterilization rate is over 99.9%


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