Shanghai Janteng Trading co.,ltd.

•2000-------- Start exporting skatescooters, electrc scooters

•2003-------- Gasoline scooter became hot sold all over the world, esp. USA, Canada, EU market, Asian countries. 
                     We  signed contract of 420x40'GP containrers with USA buyers.

•2003-------- Two-stroke engine driving brush cutter, waterpump, generators are hot sold in Red Sea, Australia, EU market

•2004--------  ATV came out and become fresh popular 

•2006-------- 1st two-stroke outboard motor was developed by SHUNFENG POWER 

•2006-------- Start exporting recreational fiber glass boats and inflatable boat

•2010-------- Start exporting medical products 

•2010-------- The affiliated blood bag manufacturing site got CE, ISO certification.

•2011 ~ 2014 - The blood bag manufacturer was successively registered in some middle east countrties ,
                       South American & Latin American  countries. 
                          Continuously won UNICEF Medical device procuring projects,and some MOH public OIT( Open International Tender) projects.
                          Start bulk exporting blood transfusison systm to EU market.

•2015--------   Bulk exporrtng nillion Dollar of blood bag to Panama, Venezuella and Africa

•201704----- Anyang Jiashi welding machine plant was established

•201709----- Janteng team was established

•201804----- Janteng EU outdoor leisure supply system  was established

•201805----- Janteng EU healthcare was established.

•2018 ~ 2021- Janteng was contracted for supply medical disposables for  Myanmar National Defense Center, MOH in every year. 

•2018 ~ 2021  The affiliated manufacturing plant--- Suzhou Laishi was registered in more Asian and AFrica, Mid-east countries.

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