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Since 2002, our team has been engaged in varies of qualityproducts manufacturing. All the affiliated reliable manufacturing sites are located all aroundthe area of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Shanghai, where these sites can bereached easily after clients have landed in Shanghai.

You can travel to these manufacturing sites by train or carwithin several hours. Specifically

For Medical products

------ Suture/Blade plant, it's the biggest and oldest(since 1959) manufacturing site amongsuturing industry, located at Huai-ancity, Jiangsu province,China.  450km from Shanghai Pudong Airport, 200 km from Nanjing Railwaycity.

------ Blood Bag plant, it's a long history (since1986) biggest manufacturing site among suturing industry, located at Huai-an city, Jiangsuprovince, China.  140km from Shanghai Pudong Airport, 40 kmfrom Suzhou city.

------ Vacuum blood tube, blood adminsitration sets, infusion sets, transfusion Sets, surgical and wound dressing bandage, alhohol pad, gauze swab plants are located in province of Jiangsu, Anuhui,Shandong, Zhejiang etc, where the cargoes can be transported and exported via the modern international harbour Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao easily and conveniently.

------  Marine products of boat, outboard motor factory is located at Lanxi city of Zhejiang province, it’s a professional manufacturing plant establishedin 2006, where it mainly produce recreational boat and small power outboardmotors. 350km from Shanghai Pudong Airport,25 km Jinhua Railway city.  ( From Shanghai to Jinhua, by high speed CRHtrain, it takes only 2 hrs)

------ Recreational Leisure supplies like awning, outdoor tents,plants are located at Wuyi,Yongkang, Jinhua city of  Zhejiang province. 


More and more reliable partner suppliers are gathering into JantengSupply Chains family.


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